Partnership information

Join our partner program to inspire women with us to emphasize their uniqueness and gain confidence in their beauty.

We are ready to cooperate with you if:

  • Do you have an online cosmetics store or an offline point, and you want to sell BOLTAEVA beauty products;
  • If you are an expert and teacher in the brow or beauty industry and want to teach your students on BOLTAEVA beauty products;
  • You have a beauty salon and your masters want to work on BOLTAEVA beauty products.

It is important to us that you:

  • shared the values and philosophy of the company;
  • were aimed at long-term cooperation;
  • showed love and respect;
  • supported the brand's product quality standards.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Strong brand. By becoming a partner, you gain a reliable ally. You can be sure that the products will be sold, thanks to the popularity and reputation of the brand.
  • Reputation level. A clean reputation is one of the most important values.
  • Among the strongest. Confidence in quality is what will always accompany you when working with us.
  • Personal Manager. For the entire duration of cooperation, you will communicate with a personal manager, thanks to this, your questions will be resolved quickly, and you can also use any communication method convenient for you.
  • European production. We make our products in factories that produce world brands. Your customers will be able to use really high-quality products from the best factories in the world.
  • Certification. Our products have all the necessary certificates, you and your customers can be sure of their safety.

All products are developed by a practicing eyebrow specialist and beauty expert with more than 20 years of experience.

Mail for partner: partner@boltaeva.com

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